Why We Started This Blog

My wife and I started this Blog to share with others who may be considering or dreaming about achieving Financial Independence and/or Retire Early (FIRE), our personal experience with these topics.  FIRE means something different to each of us as we are individually on our own life journey.  On a regular basis friends, family, and even strangers reacted in different ways to our situation.  Frankly we are not Normal, some might consider us Weird, and you’ll soon find we’ve proudly never been normal.

Prior to the Financial Crisis that started in 2008, we were running a small yet successful consulting company and dabbling in flipping real estate.  During 2009, consulting projects nearly dried up and we were digging hard for opportunities to earn a living.  Most of America was worried about losing their jobs, their homes, and their sanity.  We were right with them so we decided to take a few chances.  Mrs. FiredUp took a full-time position, in addition to her part-time self-employment, and Mr. FiredUp sucked up his pride and started looking for “Put Food on the Table” work. Mr. FiredUp then took a full-time job with an IT consulting company, walking away from the independence of being self-employed.

Being blessed as we’ve always been, things worked out well for us, but we definitely experienced our AHA moments during this stressful time. We had always been savers, with multiple streams of income.  We worked hard, we saved hard, we paid ourselves first.  We never considered ourselves serious borrowers, never carrying large amounts of credit card debt or car loans, but we seriously questioned why we continued to carry debt on our primary home and rental home, while our neighbors were walking away from mortgages and the dream homes that they could no longer support.  This could easily have been us.  We decided we needed to make a change.  We needed security and peace of mind.  We did not want to end up like our neighbors.  We did not wish to rely on others to decide our future.  We needed to “own’ our future.  We decided to reject the notion that we have to be slaves to debt.  In our own weird way, we embraced concepts to support Financial Independence and later Retire Early.

At this point in our life, we remain Financially Independent and work because we want to, have zero debt, and a well diverse portfolio of investments that will carry us to the grave and beyond.  Mr. FiredUp tried retirement and did well for about 18 months.  The last 10-12 months highlighted that the volunteer activities he was involved with still left him longing to make a more meaningful difference in this world.  After celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in a RV for six weeks, traveling the western US, Mr. FiredUp decided to return to work, seeking a role where he could make a difference and landed at a Biotech Pharmaceutical company creating drugs that have dramatic impact on peoples lives. Co-workers and friends, young and old, ask questions on a daily basis about managing finances. This has lead us to consider starting a blog.

So this blog is about sharing our experience of achieving and maintaining Financial Independence and Retiring Early.  This blog is about the teamwork required to achieve goals that often seem out of reach, by creating a shared vision and shared mission.  This blog is about experiences with attempting, and in some cases, making a difference in our world.  This blog is about sharing philosophies, methods and tools.  We want to exchange ideas and experiences with our readers.  We’ve made mistakes, we learned a few lessons along the way, but we’ve embraced the journey without deep scars, without regrets and have had fun every step of the way.  If we can help others achieve their dreams, through sharing, we will have achieved the goal of this blog.  So, to your FIRE future, let’s get to Being FIREd Up!

Our best wishes for your FIREd Up future,

Mr. and Mrs. Fired Up

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