Are We Weird?!

Early retirement was more an accident for us, than something we spent years planning for.  I worked for a global consulting company that I had joined a year earlier.  A new CEO took over the company, six months after I joined, announcing that all senior leadership would be required to relocate to the headquarters.  I had been travelling around the world for 10 years delivering IT projects, and suddenly faced with the prospects of a move to a city we did not see as a fit for us.  Goodness, I was a traveling consultant, why would it matter where I live if I was traveling to client sites every week?  Mrs. FiredUp was Self-Employed and could work from anywhere. We decided to start working with a Certified Financial Planner, asking “Are we able to retire early?”.  The answer she gave us was Yes, if you want to retire, you have the financial means to do so.  Goodness, we are only 49 years old, and this CFP is telling us we can retire. So we decided that we would retire. We’ll get into the adventure that ensured in some future posts, where we’ll once again proclaim “We really are weird!”

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