8 Critical Rock Stars You Need on Your Team

We all need to be surrounded by a strong network of experts we can call on when needed.  This network may include:

  • Lawyer
  • Insurance broker
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Investment advisor
  • Banker
  • Automotive mechanic
  • Handyman
  • Maintenance trades

When I refer to a network of experts, I’m referring to people with whom you develop a relationship for the long term.  You invest in the relationship and maintain that relationship so that when you need support, you are calling on support that you can trust.  The vetting is complete and you know what you are getting. You also know that you’ll be getting a fair deal on the price of their services.  When professionals price their services, they often charge more for customers that are likely to be “one and done” vs. those who are repeat clients.  Additionally, use your network of friends and colleagues to get referrals.  Who have they used that have treated them fairly and performed timely, quality work at a fair price? 

When we retired to Florida, I was quick to realize that our network was weak.  We had moved from Michigan to Florida.  I needed help to renovate our home (a real dump) and quickly realized that my network was not as strong as it needed to be.  The trades that I arranged to quote the work would not show up to provide estimates or their rates were so far out of line that I would never hire them.  Due to this experience, I ended up doing much of the work myself. I am fully capable of doing this work but it took much longer than I first anticipated. Good thing I was retired!  The lesson here is to build your network, invest in your network, maintain your network.   You will never regret that effort. 

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