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One way to stay motivated to reach the FIRE status is listening to Podcasts and reading blogs.  These are some of our favorites that educate and entertain us (note: some have nothing to do with the FIRE movement but are still our favorites because they keep us motivated).  We like to listen to podcasts while we’re in the car or taking walks.

Top 2 Podcasts:

  1. Dave Ramsey – by far our favorite podcast that has to do with money.  Dave doesn’t hold back on what he thinks….and we like that.
  2. Chris Hogan Show – Chris is part of the Dave Ramsey family.  He is a bit “softer” than Dave, but is equally as informative.  Chris also has a section called the Every Day Millionaire that we find inspiring.
You Are What You Eat

Top 2 Inspirational Podcasts:

  1. Rich Roll – Rich has very intelligent conversations with a variety of inspirational people from doctors, athletes, health coaches, rock stars, etc.   Rich Roll is my go-to podcast when I need inspiration.  I love to listen to him when I’m on long walks.
  • Plant Strong with Rip Esselstyn – I got to see Rip live in a Whole Foods market last summer.  He is very knowledgeable about the Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) way of eating, exercise, etc.

Top 2 Blogs (other than ours!):

  1. Retire By 40 – Joe shares his journey to retiring early.  I’ve been reading him for years and he gives a lot of insight on specific things he has done to retire early.  Joe gives specific things that he has tried, whether they were successful or not.  We like that.

So, whether you’re looking for information, education, or entertainment, give our favorites a look and tell us what some of your favorite podcasts/blogs are.

Please share your favorites in the comments

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