Everyday Choices for FIRE

In our quest to live our best retirement life, Mr. FiredUp and I have made a few life changes:  1) We became Vegan.  2) We upped our daily exercise.  Due to these two changes, Mr. FiredUp has lost 20 pounds, which means his clothes don’t fit any longer. 

Hence, new jeans needed. 

With or without holes?

Due to a very chilly and rainy day yesterday, we decided to move our daily walk from our usual four mile beautiful and hilly trail into our local (and climate controlled) outlet mall.  As we were walking and talking, we stopped into various stores to try on jeans.  This was a very unsuccessful trip.  Not only did we have trouble finding Mr. FiredUp’s new size, but when we did, they were too expensive.    I suggested a stop at our local Goodwill store which is generally where we shop for our daily clothes (jeans, shorts, tops).  Eureka!  Not only did we find a perfect fit Levi jeans, they were brand new and they were only $1.99 (they originally were $4, but it was purple tag day which meant everything with a purple tag was 50% off). 

Not only did we save around $38 on this pair of jeans (Levi jeans that we saw at the outlet store were around $40), we could have saved ourselves a lot of time going in and out of endless stores finding these jeans.  It only took 5 minutes to go into the Goodwill store, try on this one pair, and pay/leave.

Making these types of simple every day choices is how we were able to retire early.  What daily choices do you make that could help you retire early?

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