A Little Horse Trading

Horse Trading to Reach Your Goals

Mr. FiredUp and I have a separate savings account title “House Improvements”.   If you recall from a previous blog,

A Wreck of a House

we bought a fixer upper in Florida 5 years ago to turn into a vacation rental, but loved the house/area so much that we picked up and moved into this home.  This house needed a lot of renovations.  And we’ve done most of them.  But there are a few things that we’ve lived with that we’d like to finally do.  One of them was painting the outside of the house. 

This house had a 1960 funky beige brick on it that looked like somebody swiped a paint brush across it with different colors.   I’ve hated it since we moved here, but it was something that I could live with…Until now.  I’ve been collecting inspiration pictures of houses that I like and wanted to finally paint the house, but we had other things going on too.   One of them was an old truck that we wanted to sell, donate, or simply get rid of.  The truck was in fairly good shape, but “needed some love”.  We just wasn’t in love with this truck any longer, but needed to put some money into it before we could sell it. 

Along comes opportunity.

We mentioned to our neighbors that we wanted to get rid of this truck.  They mentioned this fact to a mutual friend of ours who, among other things, was a house painter.  Ta-Da!!

The house painter called us and we made a horse trade.  Our truck that needed some love, for their painting our home.  The next week our friend and his son painted our home, the soffit, trim, and garage doors.  That 1960 funky beige is gone and replaced now with a more modern looking home.  We love it.  And our friend loves his new truck.  His wife actually told us that driving it was like driving the “Cadillac of Trucks”.  We’re so happy that they’re happy with it.  And we couldn’t be happier with our horse trading.

Now, we’re going to tackle the bathroom renovation with the money we didn’t spend on painting the house.  Have you ever done any horse trading?  Do you have a skill that you could trade for something that you want?  Something to think about.

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